Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lots of Face Painting in September

Sorry it's been a while since I posted!  August was so hot this year that we didn't do much with the face painting... everyone would've just sweated it right off. 

We got busier in September.  On Friday the 17th we drove to Gulfport to the Seabees base.  Savannah and I and face painted and glitter tattooed for a command picnic there.  It was still soooo hot but they set up a canopy for us which helped quite a bit. 

On Saturday, the 18th, I went (Savannah and Rudi were both busy) to a birthday party here in Picayune for a group of excited 3, 4 and 5 year olds!  What a fun event that was!  I had painted the twin boy and girl birthday kids at the Picayune Street Fair in April and they knew exactly what they wanted.  

On Sunday, the 19th, I drove to Poplarville and met with Kristi Harris of the BlueJack Ridge Corn Maze and painted her kids for some pictures for the signs we're going to have made.  We'll be painting there every weekend during the run of the corn maze from Oct. 2- Nov. 14.  Kristi loved the special designs we came up with for the theme of the corn maze and was kind enough to give me a fantastic tour of the "town" they've built there!  I can tell we're going to have lots of fun painting there!

On Saturday, the 25th, Rudi and I got up early, loaded up the van and drove to Biloxi to the Convention Center and set up the castle booth inside in the air conditioning... good thing, too, because it was extremely hot that day!  We painted for 5 hours for a fundraiser for kids there and had such a good time.  We painted just as many adults as kids! Everyone wanted fleur de lis because we're back in the middle of Saints fever here... felt like we painted 100 or more! I had found some new gold makeup and mixing powder and the gold looked like liquid gold.  Wow!  Didn't get home until after dark but it was some great practice for next week when we begin 11 hour days at the corn maze.  Hope to see you there!

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