Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Move

It's been a while since I posted and so many things have happened!

In September, my husband took a job with Walmart corporate office in Bentonville, Arkansas and we had to figure out how to split up the business, since Rudi would be continuing in Picayune, and Savannah and I would be moving to Arkansas.

We started training a helper for Rudi in September.  Madison is catching on quickly!  Rudi and Madison will be continuing on as Savannah's Smiles Face Painting Team Two and are working every weekend at Haunted Trails in Picayune on Friday nights, and the BlueJack Ridge Corn Maze in Poplarville on Saturday and Sunday. 

Savannah and I are now Savannah's Smiles Face Painting Team One and are working in Northwest Arkansas.  We officially moved Oct. 9 and have already done 2 parties!  It's a great area with very friendly people so I know we'll have a great time here :)