Friday, November 12, 2010

October Events

October was a very busy month for us!

Every weekend in October we were painting at the BlueJack Ridge Corn Maze in Poplarville, MS.  Rudi and I worked all day on Saturdays 10am-9pm and after church on Sundays from 2-7pm.  I love this place!  So relaxing and fun!  They even made a video so that you can see for yourself all of the activities...along with the face painting! See for yourself! BlueJack Ridge Corn Maze 
The staff is fantastic and friendly and the place is just amazing.  We created lots of special designs just for the corn maze:  a scarecrow, Indian designs, an Indian maiden with a feather headband, an Indian warrior's feather armband along with lots of farm animals:  bulls, cows, horses, pigs, etc.  We even created a 'scary' pumpkin so some of the staff could go into the maze and scare people at night ;)

On Fridays, Oct. 22 and 29, we worked at Rockin' R Ranch in Picayune with their Haunted Trails.  It was their first year and it really rocked! We did lots of scary skulls and lots of cute pumpkins, along with the usual batman, spiderman and beautiful butterflies. We'll be back there in December for their Christmas festivities!

A very busy and fun month!

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