Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Reunion

   I'll be describing our face painting adventures in this blog.  Hopefully we'll entertain you!

   Yesterday we had a great event to paint at:  a family reunion!  We loaded the van and left Picayune around 8am and drove to a small town in Mississippi called Prentiss.  We arrived around 9:45.  After unloading and setting up we had plenty of time to paint each other's faces before the event began.  In fact, the event got started about 30 minutes late so we had plenty of time to relax before beginning work. The temps were around 100 with the heat index so it was great to be able to work inside in the air conditioning. 

   We finally got started around 11am and the kids came first, as usual.  They were so excited!  But they didn't push or shove or get upset.  They were all very courteous and patient.  We were only painting quick, easy designs so they weren't having to wait long.  We knew coming in that we were going to have a lot of people to paint so we didn't bring any complicated, time-consuming designs.  My apprentice painter, Rudi, got her wish and got plenty of practice in!  As the grown-ups saw how much fun the kids were having, they slowly wandered over and had as much fun as the kids! 

Our most popular design for the day was the swirly design... I think nearly every woman and teenage girl chose this design in different colors.  We also did quite a few neon butterflies for the younger girls and batman for the boys. 

We ended up painting for 3 hours, then packed up and drove home.  A good day!

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