Monday, August 20, 2012

Festival Season is Here!

Phew! We've been extremely busy this summer!

The weekend of July 19-21 we were in Clarksville, AR for the Johnson County Peach Festival and it was HOT---110 degrees+!  My son, Jordan, worked as our line manager and became his alter-ego of "Tiger Man".  He created the Tiger Man Tour for our festivals this summer ;)  The kids love him!
After Clarksville, we drove to Eufaula, OK for their Whole Hawg Days festival the weekend of July 26-28.  Another hot one! My oldest daughter, Chelsea, came with us as well and became "Diva Tiger" which all the little girls really loved.
After Eufaula, we went to Claremore, OK, northeast of Tulsa, for the Gatesway Hot Air Balloon Festival the weekend of August 3-4.  Unfortunately, the weather was too windy to see any hot air balloons go up, and on Saturday there were wildfires in the area and the smoke was too thick for the balloons to go up.  And it was HOT!  115 degrees for the regular temp with heat index values over 120 degrees.  We felt like we were melting :(  We still painted up lots of people!
Next, we came "home" to northwest Arkansas to the Tontitown Grape Festival the weekend of August 9-11.  Beautiful weather and we teamed up with a local face painter out of Fayetteville, Donna Holloway of Make-N-Faces.  We had a fantastic time and painted lots of people.  This was a whole family that we painted up!
After Tontitown, we literally came home and set up at the Benton County Fair in Bentonville the week of August 14-19.  We had some scary storm moments but otherwise had a great week. We even had some little girls want to be "Diva Tiger" too!
This week we'll be in Rogers, AR for the Frisco Festival the weekend of August 24-25, then next week at the Washington County Fair.  If you're in the area, come on out and see us! More pictures to come :)

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