Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lots of Birthday Parties in January and February!

What a cold, wet winter we're having! But it hasn't discouraged birthday parties at all, and we had a bunch during January.

The 15th turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day (what a surprise!) for Faith Miller's birthday in Jack Read Park. A gracious, fun, loving family and a joy to paint for.

Then on the 22nd we painted in Pearl River for my friend Lore's daughter's slumber party and did all neon paints because they were going to the bowling alley with black lights afterwards. The neon paints glow under black lights and looked absolutely awesome! It gave us a really good party package idea which we'll be telling you about in the near future!

On the 29th we drove into New Orleans to do a party for one of our very first clients, Aundra! This was our second party there. They're always a fun family to paint for and this party was no exception.

The birthday parties continued in February and on the 5th we were able to paint in Moss Point for Jermaine. The kids were so much fun! It was another gorgeous day, although a bit chilly, but we had fun anyway. Jermaine's mom was even kind enough to send me some photos afterwards and a sweet thank you card. Thanks so much, Laquana! I'll work on getting the pics scanned and uploaded :)

On the 12th we drove back to Moss Point for another birthday party, this time for Corben. We had a blast! All the boys wanted to be batman, and even some of the girls! But we mostly painted beautiful sparkly butterflies.

We had another gig the same day in Biloxi after Corben's birthday and had to rush over to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum to paint lots of frogs, turtles, rabbits and even an alligator for a costumed dance for a Mardi Gras ball. The kids were a hoot and really loved the glitter. We ended up bathing them in it from head to toe!

There are lots more parties scheduled... in March we'll be heading to Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, as well as a face painting convention in New Orleans where we'll learn lots of great new designs for you.

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